High-Tech Fishing Kayaks For Florida Sportsman

Kayak Fishing
Kayakers head out into the Detroit River at sunrise for a day of fishing, Sunday, August 13, 2017. The Blade/Andy Morrison
Kayak Fishing
Kayakers head out into the Detroit River at sunrise for a day of fishing, Sunday, August 13, 2017. The Blade/Andy Morrison

Gear up to Catch Fish on High-Tech Fishing Kayaks

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy all kinds of waters and fish species aboard the latest fishing kayaks. These kayaks range from simple paddle kayaks to advanced, electric-motor powered mini-battlewagons that suit every angler’s skill level and budget.

To keep fishing skills sharp during the long summer months, sporting clays ranges across Florida offer a challenging experience. Sporting clays involves launching disk-shaped clay targets or “birds” from automated mechanical throwing machines at different angles for a variety of shooting scenarios. Each station in the facility delivers a different set of angles that simulate flying or ground game.

Generally, clay ranges have 10 to 15 stations determined by each establishment. Shooters can expect to encounter single or simultaneous targets, and the combinations can be challenging, making them great training for hunters during the off-season. It is essential to follow all safety precautions, such as wearing ear and eye protection, traveling with an unloaded weapon, and using light loads with no more than 2 shells in the gun.

The cost of the sporting clays experience is dependent on the number of targets shot by the shooter. Prices average around 50 cents per clay, and golf cart and shotgun rentals are available at different establishments.

Upgrade Hobie’s Mirage Lynx with Fish-Friendly Accessories

The Mirage Lynx, Hobie’s lightweight and pedal-driven kayak, is an angler’s dream come true. With simple upgrades such as deck mats, hull protectors, powered anchors, and accessory mounts, this kayak can become a multi-species fishing machine.

For fishing enthusiasts interested in inflatable kayaks, the Hobie Mirage Drive GT pedal system powers the iTrek 9 kayak, which offers excellent features and operation for a fun fishing experience.

Tips for Setting up Kayaks for Saltwater Fishing Success

Floridian sportsman Editor Jeff Weakley offers useful tips and instructions on how to set up kayaks, tackle, and safety gear for successful inshore saltwater fishing. The Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 ePDL+ is an innovative addition that eases fishing trips thanks to its e-bike capabilities.

Customize Your Kayak for Your Ideal Fishing Experience

Kayak Fishing Fun Senior Editor Thomas Allen shares his firsthand experience in building and customizing his fishing kayak for optimal performance. Thomas shares fishing tips, and insight to mounting and applying forward-facing Sonar to your kayak for better scanning and fishing applications. He believes in pushing his kayak’s limits with modern technology by adding power and cool accessories.

Explore the Evolution of Fishing Kayaks and Shallow-Water Coastal Fishing

With personal reflections from Kevin Hawkins, owner/designer of Kaku Kayaks, Florida’s tarpon springs shares insights into the synchronous and symbiotic evolution of fishing kayaks and shallow-water coastal fishing experiences. This 1200-word blog post explores kayak hull shapes and how keel, rocker, flare, and chines affect their performance under different types of propulsion, including pedal, paddle or powered.

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