“Florida Man Aims for Bullseye: His Experience at the Newberry Sports Complex”

"Florida Man Aims for Bullseye: His Experience at the Newberry Sports Complex"

Archery Adventures in Newberry

Archery Adventures in Newberry

Exploring the Exciting World of Archery at Easton Archery Center


Join us on a thrilling adventure in Newberry, Florida, as we explore the fascinating world of archery at the Easton Archery Center. This state-of-the-art facility is named after the legendary James L. Easton, who revolutionized the sport of archery and brought it to new heights. Today, thousands of archers come to Newberry Sports Complex to train and compete, and we are about to discover why.

The Easton Archery Center

When you step into the Easton Archery Center, you are entering a world of wonder and excitement. This facility has both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, catering to archers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a total novice or an elite-level athlete, the instructors at Easton Archery Center can help you master the physical and mental skills needed to shoot with precision and accuracy. They teach various styles of archery, from the traditional to the modern, including competition shooting and hunting-style tournaments.

Archery Classes and Resources

One of the main goals of Easton Archery Center is to inspire individuals to pursue archery and enjoy it for a lifetime. They achieve this by collaborating with partners from all over the world and providing resources and services that promote growth. Whether you want to learn archery as a hobby or compete at the Olympic level, Easton Archery Center has a multitude of classes and resources to meet your needs. They even host Olympic teams and national tournaments, and Team Canada comes out every year to get some shooting practice before the outdoor season starts.

The Easton Legacy

The legacy of James L. Easton lives on at the Easton Archery Center, where archers come from far and wide to learn and compete. James L. Easton was an innovator in the sport of archery, and his contributions have forever changed the game. Today, his name is synonymous with quality and excellence, and the Easton Archery Center upholds that legacy with pride.


If you are looking for a thrilling adventure in the world of archery, look no further than the Easton Archery Center in Newberry, Florida. This facility has everything you need to learn and compete in the exciting sport of archery. Whether you are a total novice or an experienced archer, you will find what you are looking for at the Easton Archery Center. So come and join us on this journey of discovery, and let’s explore the exciting world of archery together.

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