“SW Florida Fishing: June Starting out Hot on the Water”

"SW Florida Fishing: June Starting out Hot on the Water"

Tarpon Fishing in Florida: A Guide for Anglers

The Best Time for Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Tarpon fishing is a popular activity in Florida, especially during the months of May and June. These are the peak months of tarpon season when large numbers of tarpons migrate to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Best Spots for Catching Tarpon in Florida

Boca Grande Pass

Boca Grande Pass is one of the most famous fishing spots in Florida. This pass is located in Charlotte Harbor and is known for its large tarpon population. Anglers can catch tarpons in Boca Grande Pass using live baits.

Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island is another great location for tarpon fishing. The tarpons can be found on the beaches and in the back bay along Gasparilla Island, Little Gasparilla Island and Cayo Costa. Anglers can catch tarpons using a variety of baits, including live baits and lures.

Techniques for Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Using Live Baits

Live baits are the most common bait used for tarpon fishing in Florida. The most effective live bait for tarpon fishing is crabs, mullets, and pilchards.

Using Lures

Lures can also be used for tarpon fishing in Florida. The most popular lures for tarpon fishing are plugs and jigs. The best time to use lures for tarpon fishing is during the early morning or late evening.


Chumming is the practice of scattering small pieces of bait in the water to attract fish. Chumming can be an effective technique for tarpon fishing in Florida.

Regulations for Tarpon Fishing in Florida

License Requirements

Anglers need a valid Florida saltwater fishing license to fish for tarpon in Florida. Additionally, anglers need a tarpon tag to harvest and possess a tarpon.

Size and Bag Limits

The size and bag limits for tarpon fishing in Florida are subject to change each year. Anglers should check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for the most up-to-date regulations.


Tarpon fishing in Florida can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With the right equipment and techniques, anglers can catch these powerful game fish. Remember to follow the regulations and practice responsible fishing to ensure the sustainability of this natural resource.

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